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Jürgen Nimptsch

Autor Vivek Luthra am 14. September 2010
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I have never before experienced a PUBLIC LIBRARY, which is a centre to promote education (particularly as the problems in Germany relate to lower learning and high drop out in the education system), is SHUT DOWN on TUESDAY (2nd day of the week) and Operates worst than any other Public Utilities Office between 11-19 hr and for 3 hours on Saturday, when it should really be open 8-20 hrs for all 6 days of the week. Is this really service to the community?

Any chance that this can be improved, to facilitate higher learning in the city, which otherwise boasts of a large University and was also former capital of the Country? Perhaps you will consider this seriously. Deutsche Post and Telekom do everything to promote Beethoven, but not to support such an initiative, is unimaginable? Perhaps Mr. Mayor, we need some re-thinking of the priorities here?


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von Jürgen Nimptsch am 20. Dezember 2010
Jürgen Nimptsch

Dear Mr Luthra,

we received your complaint about the opening hours of the central library in the inner city.

I do agree that they should be changed and we intend to extend the opening hours for this library in the near future.

The current central library building located at "Bottlerplatz" will be rebuilt and will be closed during construction time. In the meantime, a small interim library will open its doors in the inner city. However, we will extend the opening hours during that transitional period already.

As of the year 2013 you will find a new central library in the new "Haus der Bildung" with considerably extended opening hours. This service will be provided with the help of new "media-machines". Readers will then not only be able to benefit from the new opening hours, but also will have the option to return books and media far beyond regular opening hours - for 24 hours a day.

I hope that this information will prove helpful.

Yours sincerely,